Welcome to the Lean Hog Perspective and introduction to the Hurley & Associates Hog Risk Management Program.  The Lean Hog Perspective is a comprehensive website where the daily USDA hog and crop reports can be found.  It also includes USDA fundamental market information.  Shane Johnson and Jeremy Knutson offer daily morning and afternoon commentary about the hog and grain markets.  Our goal is to make this the only website necessary to gather all the necessary information for making solid marketing decisions.  At times we will give general thought to market positions and direction which should be used as an idea to discuss with your risk manager.

The Hurley Hog Risk Management Program is a comprehensive package that strives to provide quality advice and reporting to keep the hog producer, the lender, and all partners on the same page.  Here at Hurley and Associates we have developed a “team” approach that utilizes the individual strengths and expertise of our employees. 

Hurley & Associates is an agricultural marketing firm that works with producers to help manage risk in their operation.  The main goal is to individualize a risk management plan to meet the producer’s needs.  We work with each client individually to develop a marketing plan that fits their particular situation.

We feel each producer is unique and has unique needs.  Our goal is to tailor the market plan to help accomplish your goals based on your cash flow requirements and your risk bearing capacity.  Hurley provides weekly reports, which are updated daily, showing marketing projections based on current contracts, current positions and current markets.

The Hog Risk Management Program utilizes various tools, including but not limited to:
Cash Contracts
Packer Contracts
Forward Contracts
Basis Contracts
Futures and Options Contracts
Individualized historical profit margin reports

Using our hog risk management software, CIMPLE, we are able to track the key components of your hog operation and display them in an easy to read report.  Our software has the capability to estimate historical crush results based on individualized data provided by the producer. This is a tool that can be beneficial for benchmarking profit potential based on your operations individual data.  CIMPLE allows you, the producer, the ability to extract your bottom line on any given day if requested.

Hurley and Associates feels that education is a very key element in any relationship.  Lean Hog Perspective offers commentary based on market technical information and historical data.  Understanding where markets have been and what they have done historically provides logic to the current day situation, this is particularly important when the market makes adverse moves.

What makes The Lean Hog Perspective different?

In an attempt to remove emotion, we try to find and use historical data to provide reasons for market movement, thus lessening the sense of surprise.  The utilization of USDA fundamental information, technical analysis and industry profitability are some of the tools we use in trying to establish a general direction to the market.  Understanding direction helps us decide what types of risk management positions to enter into that give us the most protection and flexibility.5616570

We provide insight on market direction but directional insight is only as good as the paper it is written on.  If you are right 51% of the time you are doing great!  This is the reason we’ve developed CIMPLE, to help us keep focus on the business side and profitability.  Market insight helps us design our plan.  Never use what you read on the internet (this site included) or in a news flyer as a plan to manage your risk.  Find an industry professional that you trust and work together with them and do what is best for your operation.

We strive to take some of the stress and emotion out of everyday marketing with individualized market plans and the ability to execute those market plans.

If you are a hog producer and you manage your own price risk and would like to learn more about our Hog Risk Management Program, please contact one of our locations by clicking here.

Thank you for visiting.  Stop back often.  We hope you find The Lean Hog Perspective a helpful tool to achieve your marketing goals.

Hurley and Associates believes positions are unique to each person’s risk bearing ability, marketing strategy, and crop conditions, therefore we give no blanket recommendations. The risk of loss in trading commodities can be substantial, therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition. NFA Rules require us to advise you that past performance is not indicative of future results, and there is no guarantee that your trading experience will be similar to past performance.

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